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In days of old, sailors would keep a journal while at sea to chronicle their lives as they travelled the world in search of adventure... and perhaps an ounce or two of treasure. In this spirit, our family has also set its own course. My husband's career as a naval aviator keeps us travelling to distant shores... adventures await with every new 'port 'o call' we visit! Because of our nomadic lifestyle we have also embarked upon the adventure of homeschooling our twin boys, age 6 (aka: The Crew). The Crew started their 2nd grade work on 06 Aug 2012. I hope you'll enjoy our story as we chart our own course thru life and set sail on new adventures... gathering our stories and treasure along the way.

Fair Winds and Following Seas my friends!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poster Children….

The Crew is big into dress up these days… We have a basket that can fully outfit two small children (and sometimes one adult, but that’s another post!) into brave knights, fierce pirates, brave firemen, and explorers of the savannah.  On any given day you can find me escorting a pair of superheroes into the local library, and as recently as this morning I found myself transporting two fully masked transformer robots who sat calmly in their booster seats contemplating the passing scenery as we headed to the YMCA.  I have to say though, as commonplace as this pastime has become around the harbour, one particular dress up session really stands out as a personal favorite…. Enjoy!
  DSC_1784 DSC_1788DSC_1786  DSC_1797

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