Charting our own course...

In days of old, sailors would keep a journal while at sea to chronicle their lives as they travelled the world in search of adventure... and perhaps an ounce or two of treasure. In this spirit, our family has also set its own course. My husband's career as a naval aviator keeps us travelling to distant shores... adventures await with every new 'port 'o call' we visit! Because of our nomadic lifestyle we have also embarked upon the adventure of homeschooling our twin boys, age 6 (aka: The Crew). The Crew started their 2nd grade work on 06 Aug 2012. I hope you'll enjoy our story as we chart our own course thru life and set sail on new adventures... gathering our stories and treasure along the way.

Fair Winds and Following Seas my friends!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bottle Washes Ashore... With Tales from the Harbour

The Hunters Emerge Victorious.
Summertime has finally arrived. The local splash pool has opened, the parks beckon us to come & play, and the strawberries are ripe. Nothing tastes sweeter than one of these beauties picked straight from the vine and popped directly into the mouth. The crew & I ventured out and met some friends for a little strawberry “hunting” at a local U-pick field. Those strawberries never stood a chance against this group of seasoned hunters… Check out the fruits of our labor!

A Mom Falls in Love… Again.

White fluffy towel wrapped around his face… skin flushed and smelling of the coconut lime soap I had just used to wash him from head to toe… hair clumped in thick, damp spikes all over his head, he looks up at me and asks, “Do you know why I love you sooo much Mom?”

“No” I reply as I dab the towel over his skin and look into a pair of eyes with THE most impossibly long eyelashes, “Why do you love me so much?”

“Because you are so beautiful” he whispers and leans in with a grin to give me a soft damp kiss on my cheek.

The ladies of the world are in so much trouble.
She Leaps Tall Buildings in a Single Bound.. What Good is That?
“Time for bed kiddo!” I say as I follow his brother into the room fresh from bath time.

“Mom” he says to me as he hops into his big boy bed and arranges his medley of friends that include a yellow cat (with bow), dalmation puppy, green trout, brown monkey, and pink boa constrictor, “I’m not a ‘kiddo’ … I’m Z STRAP!” (Z strap being a superhero from the free comic book that came with his new shoes today, not the pre-k version of an adult male undergarment).

“Right” I say, as I smooth the quilt and sheet down. I bend over to give him a final good night kiss and my foot comes to rest on said comic book tucked purposefully under his bed. I reach down and pick it up while I give my boy a sideway glance… “What’s this doing here Z Strap?” I inquire.

“I didn’t want you to see that” he whispers with a little pout.

I find that I do not have the heart to take the comic book away, but instead tuck it in next to his menagerie of animals with the instructions that he is to go straight to sleep.

As I close their door for the night, I realize that in this last two weeks before they turn four, that they are truly “big boys” now. We are officially in the comic book and superhero phase. I close my eyes and try to mentally will time to go slower… but unfortunately that particular gift is not in my arsenal of “super powers”.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning....

And i don't mean for my house... although, now that you mention it, a little dusting wouldn't hurt! Nope, I mean in terms of my health. I have "discovered" (and by that I mean that a friend found it, read it, and recommended it to me... ere go, I discovered it!) a great new lifestyle in the world of diet and excercise! In today's wording it basically means that I am eating foods that are natural, not processed. Our grandparent's would have just called it "eating right".

So, in a nutshell the lifestyle goes something like this: Eat things in as close to their natural state as possible and omit all processed items entirely. i.e. Oatmeal that you cook... not instant oatmeal. fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, some dairy, whole wheats. No white flour, white sugar, or refined sugars. No pre-packaged foods of any kind. I used to think... "No way is that possible! You wouldn't be able to eat ANYTHING!" Seriously~ How can you cut out processing in this day and age?? In all honesty, you would really be surprised at how many options you really do have once you kick that mindset. Let me just say, I have been doing this for just a short time.... but I have seen amazing things in that short time! My energy is thru the roof! I am satisfied and full (although I still have the habit of a snack in the evening, it is now on healthy items so I feel much better about it now!) and I can see the hard work I've been putting in at the gym for the last year finally being revealed... and I really like what I'm seeing! So just a warning... you may be getting posts from time to time as I relay my journey (and by proxy my family's journey... 'cause let's face it, Momma does the shopping!) into the world of "Clean Eating"... Warning! This could change the way you eat too!

Now if I could just find a way to get that other spring cleaning done.....