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In days of old, sailors would keep a journal while at sea to chronicle their lives as they travelled the world in search of adventure... and perhaps an ounce or two of treasure. In this spirit, our family has also set its own course. My husband's career as a naval aviator keeps us travelling to distant shores... adventures await with every new 'port 'o call' we visit! Because of our nomadic lifestyle we have also embarked upon the adventure of homeschooling our twin boys, age 6 (aka: The Crew). The Crew started their 2nd grade work on 06 Aug 2012. I hope you'll enjoy our story as we chart our own course thru life and set sail on new adventures... gathering our stories and treasure along the way.

Fair Winds and Following Seas my friends!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exploring our new Habitat…

This week our science lesson was about habitats and how every animal, insect, and plant has a “home” in which they feel the most comfortable and thrive.  The Crew pondered this and then proceeded to discuss amongst themselves the different perks of the many “habitats” they have known. 
“I like our new habitat in Alabama because it has a pool!” said one to the other.
“I like this habitat because it has nice doors and windows” the other said to the first.
“Our Virginia habitat had fun rides though (Busch Gardens)”  said the one.
“Ya, but our next habitat in Florida is where Mickey Mouse lives!” the other countered.
Okay, not quite what I was hoping for… So off we went to our local zoo to explore the idea of animals and their habitats a little deeper!
DSC_1850 DSC_1844
DSC_1821 DSC_1819
We wandered for several hours and the boys even found a “habitat” of their very own… the zoo playground!
            DSC_1841 DSC_1840  DSC_1834       DSC_1839 DSC_1845
All in all it was a good week here.  We closed out our third week of homeschooling, and made good progress on our reading.  The boys are each reading their BOB books with very little assistance and are also doing well with their handwriting practice.  We are trying to get additional crafts made each week to coincide with our science “theme”.  This week we made a jellyfish family!  They had fun “stinging” their toy fish in the tentacles of the jellyfish and we all had fun getting messy with markers!
DSC_1866 DSC_1867

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